Friday, December 8, 2017

How to install GNU EMACS Text Web Browser on Windows 10

Goal: Surf the web with no ads and paywalls.
Solution: Use a Text Browser;  

  • tried Lynx browser but could not get it to work. 
  • Emacs which is well supported for all platforms comes with a web browser ! 

The Emacs Web Browser (Eww) is a very basic and fast text/image browser. Flash and Javascript are not supported which gets rid of ads. Emacs Web Browser original instructions herewarning very sparse.

Emacs Web Browser surfing


Get latest version GNU EMACS 26.0.90 for Windows

Update 2020:


How to get EMACS Web Browser to work

  1. Unzip - Depends
  2. Unzip - Compiled
  3. Copy Compiled sub-directories to Depends sub-directories;
        bin -> bin
        lib -> lib
        libexe -> libexe
        share -> share - you can say NO to copy overwriting info and man directories.
  4. Run EMACS by clicking runemacs.exe in Depends bin directory
  5. In EMACS, choose Tools -> Browse the Web -> Enter your URL or Keywords: 
  6. Voila! it works!

  1. EWW, the Emacs Web Wowser, is a web browser package for Emacs.
  2. If you just use it will complain about not loading LIBXML2.dll.
  3. You can download that here, but then complains about gnutls not being installed, then we are into dependency hell. Hours later....

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