Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Path Too Long Auto Fixer (PTLAF) Release 3 is out

Path Too Long Auto Fixer (PTLAF)  is the 1st and only tool that will automatically correct paths and filenames to fit under the 260-character limit in bulk. Get rid of the error for good and ensure 100% back-up all of your files to the cloud.

Other tools make you go through hundreds of files, one-by-one, renaming and copying them somewhere.  Who has time for that now-avoidable activity?

PTLAF Release 3 (R3) Interface

Release 3 (R3) Free Demo

Head on over to download try a free demo at


No sign-up need, download unzip and run! 

Release 3 (R3) Improvements 

  1. Strict adherence to preserve file length (PFL), no spaces removed by default as in Release 2. R3 does NOT include extension length now. So in R3 length 3, represents won.txt or won.text, in R2 a.txt would be of length 5.

    Default is 25, but absolute min would of length 3 to be still readable. But you can but can goto 0 if you really need to super crunch the file name.
  2. Paths that are attempted to be compressed and there no advantage gained, the letter case of the original path or filename will be preserved. In R2, title case would be applied regardless.
  3. Collision detection, if generated shortened name happens to result in the same previous generated short name, this will rename it by adding a 0-9 at the end of the filename. There are 0-9 slots. Example, wn.txt if exists will be renamed to w0.txt, then next one w1.txt, etc.
  4. Added a clean-up option to delete all empty source directories. A confirmation pop-up will appear when using the Execute button. In the Powershell generated script just uncomment that section of the script.
  5. Execute button will do in client processing;
    1. Includes option to be delete all empty source directories (target in R4 this will be migrated to an option)
    2. Handles read-only files (not in Powershell, target R4). Hint, if PS fails, use Execute button for read-only files only.
  6. Execute button produces a full transaction log (C:\Users\{Username}\FixLongPaths_{timestamp}.log) so you can track file changes.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

How to Turn off Focused Other Folder in Outlook.com

Here's how to turn off new Focused/Other view feature recently rolled out in Outlook.com by default.

Choose Filter, and UNCHECK Show Focused Inbox.
Make sure ALL is selected as well.

Here's how to turn off the Conversation (threads) in Outlook.com.

Are you missing emails in Outlook.com? Part of this new update includes a default inbox now organized by Conversation or threads as in Gmail.com.

This can be annoying since I have missed conversation because new emails in Conversation mode are not pronounced enough in Outlook.com. 

Choose Filter, and the Show As and CHECK Messages. Make sure ALL is selected as well.

This will revert you inbox to the old view, each email will come on a separate datetime.