Monday, April 15, 2013

TinyMCE Customization

Adding your own buttons to TinyMCE can be done. If you need a some help, I have the experience and existing solution in place for an existing client. Contact me for consultation.

WP Security Reviews

Now performing WP Security reviews and penetration testing of
WP websites. Contact me for review of your website security now.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Profile Builder Search Super Optimization and Boolean Search Optimization
Profile Builder is WordPress registration done right and also creates custom profiles.

I purchased the Extended WP Profile Builder PRO Plug-in with Advanced User Listing including Search. But I found this search to be very slow. 

I re-wrote the search to be super optimized query, which reduces search time from avg 1.87s (with 10 users in database) reduced to 0.016s which is  99.1% quicker,  or 2 orders of magnitude quicker.

Moreover, I add default fields from wordpress to search as well including username, email and first and last name. The search is much more robust this way. 

See in action, live at

Please contact me for the sale of this solution. 

Profile Builder Improved Search Request Form

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Moreover, I have developed and implemented my proprietary search called Logicktronic Search for PHP.

Logicktronic Search will take any search string and try to make sense out of the input in terms of the Boolean operators (and, or) that are used. Moreover, Logicktronic Search implements search for an exact word or phrase by using double quotes to delineate phrases. 

For example, lets take the following search examples; 

  1. Fred "Accounting Financial Services" 

    Fred OR "Accounting Financial Services"

    EXPLANATION: Added OR to make clear of Boolean operand used
  2. Fred and or and "Accounting Financial Services"

    CORRECTED SEARCH ->  Fred AND "Accounting Financial Services"

    EXPLANATION: Reduced Boolean operators to first one
  3. Fred or and "Accounting and Financial or Services"

    Fred OR "Accounting and Financial or Services"

    EXPLANATION: Reduced Boolean operators to first one, and search phrase is preserved.
  4. Fred Wilma and Barney or or and or "The Flintstones" 

    Fred OR Wilma AND Barney OR "The Flintstones"

    EXPLANATION: Will reduced any number of combination of Boolean operators to first one, and search phrase is preserved.

Please contact me for the sale of the solution.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Google Docs Viewer requiring user to log-in to view document - Fix - Force signout of Google Account

If you get the following log-in into Google URL (call it status 1209600) while tring to view a document using Google Doc Viewer of a local resource (NOT a resource hosted on Google Drive) and get the following error;{urlencoded URL to your PDF doc }...

then your issue is you have not logged-off the Google universe or clear the cookie to view the file. 

I found this to be a particular issue for Internet Explorer 7. IE 8 -> 10 worked fine.  

To log-off Google-verse programmatically and flush credentials using the following before your Google Doc Viewer Iframe;  

< iframe id="google-signout" 
        style="width: 1px; height: 1px; display: none;" 
       frameborder="0"></ iframe>