Saturday, August 15, 2015

Prevent auto upgrade to Windows 10 - Microsofts Official Instructions

Odd case, I clicked reserve Windows 10 thinking this just reserve a copy to install at a later date or create an ISO file. I was expecting to see the image below, according to Microsoft's Windows 10 FAQ

But it was try to install automatically, without the Install pop-up occurring!

Windows 10 in is being rolled out through Windows Update, and most users have automatic updates set as default. Windows 10 upgrade is alike any other update, and download silently in the background and the next time you reboot your computer it will try to upgrade your computer to a new version of Windows. 

An attempt was made on my computer but luckily it failed.

This has been problematic for some users that are not comfortable with Windows Metro Tile interface.  

Even-though this is free upgrade, users believe they should be able to choose before going to whole new version of Windows. This really is not the intent of Windows Update. Windows Update was to keep your current version of windows, updated.

There's been quick a stir over this and Microsoft has officially responded.

Here's how to stop automatic upgrade to Windows 10 from Microsoft Support 

Below is url and the actions you must take

Simple Quick Solution: 

Easily Control Automatic and Unwanted
Windows 7 & 8.1 Upgrading to Windows 10

Or you can use this tool from Gibson Research.