Tuesday, April 7, 2020

How to get a Text Browser for Windows 7,10 - Surf the web in text only, no ads

Now that you have extra time to co-read, read fast with a text browser. 

Get a super fast Text Browser for Windows 7,10 +:
  • Emacs is a well know editor that comes with little know built-in browser 
  • Emacs is superbly supported on all platforms, a staple on UNIX since 1976!

The Emacs Web Browser (Eww) is a very basic and fast text/image browser. Flash and Javascript are not supported which gets rid of ads.

Nov 11, 2022 : Update source, use the installer. 

emacs-28.2-installer.exe - download and use installer!   

from  http://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/emacs/windows/emacs-28/emacs-28.2-installer.exe

Older Sources without an installer:

Get latest version GNU EMACS 26.3 (30-Aug-2019) for Windows:


Choose latest:

How to get EMACS Web Browser to work

  1. Unzip emacs-26.3-x86_64.zip  - Compiled Emacs editor with browser
  2. Run EMACS by clicking runemacs.exe in Depends bin directory
  3. In EMACS, choose Tools -> Browse the Web -> 

  4.     Enter your URL or Keywords:

  5. Voila! it works!

  1. EWW, the Emacs Web Wowser, is a web browser package for Emacs. See full details here.
  2. Unzipped emacs takes is 758 Mbs, but running takes a scant ~100 Mb of RAM. Unlike Google Chrome taking now a whopping 1.2Gb of RAM now, but equivalent to 1 active chrome instance.
  3. Considered Lynx browser, but builds are never up to date.
  4. To list cookies, Choose Eww -> List cookies

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