Thursday, December 7, 2017

Apple Phishing Email - Payment Confirmation for Order No. 6881237774449 App Store - Mobile Legend: Bang Bang on App Store

For the record, this is an Apple phishing email attempt that is recently going around. What to do?  Report them, goto bottom of page.

From : AppStore Order Receipt <>

Payment Confirmation for Order No. 6881237774449 App Store
          Thanks for your purchase

Dear Client,

You’ve purchased a product from Mobile Legend: Bang Bang on App Store.
This is receipt your payment from YoungJoy Technology Limited.
Document ID Date Confirmed Status
6881237774449 Thursday, December 07, 2017 SUCCESSFUL
Mobile Legend: Bang Bang 1000 Diamonds
Type: Purchase in App 
Qty: 1 
Price: $29.99 

VIEW RECEIPT points to evil link....   which decompresses to

Didn't authorized this transaction?
Visit the App Store help center to dispute this transaction.

If you have any questions about this information, you can visit App Store help Center
Learn how to manage account preferences for iTunes, iBooks, and App Store Purchases
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© 2017 All Right Resrved. Apple Distribution International, Hollyhill Industrial Estate, Hollyhill, Cork, Ireland.

Here's how the phishing site looks

How to tell this is a Phishing email ?

  1. Check email address in full, if it's not from originating company then it's phishing.
  2. Hover over all links in email, if it's not from the site then forget it.

  3. The best way is to look at message source, see below.

How to examine Email Message Source ?

Now lets look at message source
  1.>Actions->View Message Source. 
  2.>More (down arrow to top right)->Show original.
Check for suspicious links, anything that does not originate from

Report Phishing Email (not as Spam)

  1.>Junk (at Top)->Phishing Scam
  2.>More (downarrow to top right)->Report Phishing 

Report Phishing URLs at Google now 

If you have recievied this email take further action now by click these links


Report phishing at Microsoft and government agencies


Report phishing emails to Apple 

Forward the email to This provides Apple's legal department and law enforcement with useful information to help prevent future phishing emails.

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