Monday, May 22, 2017

How to find list all Paths Too Long

Using DOS Command

Open a command line shell (Start->Run->cmd.exe  press return)

dir /s /b | sort /r /+261 > pathstoolong.txt
Open pathstoolong.txt to show all path too long for the current logged in user.

cd / 
dir /s /b | sort /r /+261 > pathstoolong.txt
to get to root drive.

This will list all directories and takes a long time. Lines longer than 260 will get to the top of listing. Note, that you must add 1 to SORT column parameter (/+n). Open file in free Notepad++ if really is very large (>1 Gb).

If number of directories returned is large then save you time and use "Path Tool Long Auto Fixer" to fix this automatically.

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