Monday, May 15, 2017

Intel Active Management Technology - AMT Flaw Password Bypass Threat

The critical Active Management Technology - AMT - flaw present in the firmware running on many Intel chips since 2010 is worse than feared, security researchers warn. In particular, the flaw can be easily exploited to allow a remote attacker to take control of vulnerable systems without even having to enter a password.

This mainly affects the Intel 
vPro branded chipset.

Here's Intel official response
  1. Intel Active Management Technology, Intel Small Business Technology, and Intel Standard Manageability Escalation of Privilege - read this
  2. INTEL-SA-00075 Detection Software and Guide - how to solve it

Action choose 2 from above;

1. Download MSI install, double click to install. 

2. When completed search for Intel-SA-00075 Discovery Tool

3. Run it.
4. My 
results is Unknown

As per INTEL-SA-00075 Detection Guide recommends further investigating manufacturers link below.

In my case Gateway is owned by Acer, so I have to check link below, but is not supported :( 

As Intel becomes aware of computer maker schedules for updated firmware this list will be updated:

Intel Processor Identification Utility - Windows* Version produces following result indicates VT technology but no AMT.

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