Thursday, December 1, 2016

MSDN Magazine authentic articles and free source code

MSDN Magazine has a long and great tradition of professional writing bringing authentic, groundbreaking in-depth technological articles. A fountain of knowledge that is well curated l highly recommend it to IT folks to read. Hence this post, a sort of homage too MSDN Magazine an underappreciated resource (in my Hubble opinion).

For those who don't know MSDN Magazine available online and to download in PDF format since 2003.  To maximize learning, each monthly magazine comes with free source code! I don't see other major competitive company doing this! Koodoos MS!

MSDN Magazine issues are available at

Prior to 2002, the magazines origin was
Microsoft Systems Journal which was the 1st programming publication from Microsoft. Predating the Windows Operating System, MSJ covered MS-DOS internals beginning in 1986. It progressed to cover the workings of Windows so that programmers could write applications for the then-new operating system. MSJ saw the evolution from MS-DOS to Windows 1.0, all the way up to Windows 2000 before merging with Microsoft Internet Developer to form MSDN Magazine in March 2000.

  Sample MSDN Magazine - September 2016 embedded below. 

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