Monday, December 5, 2016

Chrome: Adobe Flash pop-up plug-in warning

Don't worry your're webpage isn't broken, it's just old.

This is indicating that Adobe Flash Player has been blocked on this site, and gives you options to deal with it.

Google Chrome is trying disabling it by default to protect against unwanted and potentially malicious content. This because like most Adobe products, it's poorly written and Adobe Flash, AIR and  Adobe Acrobat (PDF reader) have accounted for the largest proportion (2 orders of magnitude!) of vulnerabilities for hacks!

Chrome will now block nearly every website would have Flash content blocked by default. Visitors would still be able to enable Flash content on a site-by-site basis, but they would have to specifically choose to do so. Chrome would display a prompt offering to enable Flash; if chosen, Chrome would remember to run Flash on that site for all future visits.

Going forward, Chrome won't simply be blocking Flash  it'll be pretending like Flash isn't even installed. So if a website has a backup HTML5 player, people using Chrome will see that, rather than a prompt to enable Flash.

Google began enabling Flash blocking on a very limited scale a year ago, when it started "intelligently" pausing unnecessary content as a way to preserve battery life. That's the default setting right now; this plan pushing things much further.

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