Wednesday, May 10, 2017

How to fix site can’t be reached error in Google Chrome

Lately, I have been getting allot of Microsoft Sites that I cannot reach using Google Chrome.

Of particular concern is site which includes Microsoft Download Center with 599.4M monthly visitors.

These are one and the same, just Download Center is a sub-directory of


Accessing those site in Google Chrome is being flat out rejected with the following error message

This site can’t be reached unexpectedly closed the connection.


Solution : Clear you cookies for Domain only!

You do not have to clear all your cookies, and remove all your saved passwords for countless sites you have visited.

The solution is to clear out your cookies for the domain only.

Not a pleasant task in Google Chrome because you cannot see what those cookies contain.

How to delete multiple cookies for a domain in a single step

1. Download 
ChromeCookiesView from Nirsoft and run ChromeCookiesView.exe.

2. Shut down Google Chrome

3. You can search for or scroll to your domain of interest. Delete all cookies for that problem
domain, in this case Select multiple cookies and choose 
the X button to delete them (in screen image below). 

For which includes Microsoft Download Center select all Host Name with and delete (as in screen image below). 

4. Done. Restart Chrome.

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