Tuesday, April 14, 2020

MS Edge v84 pasting in Gmail and Blogger not working

Recently as of April 10th 2020, I have been trying to paste text into Gmail and Blogger and its been blocked. Pasting (CTRL-V) has been blocked using Microsoft's Edge in Google properties. Specifically, I have been using MS Edge Version  84.0.484.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit). 

I find after composing/revisiting 3 emails in Gmail, the paste function fails.

This does work in Chrome and Firefox and MS Edge version 81.0.416.53. 

Keyboard Testing tool indicates Paste key used, CNTRL and V

All of the sites that Gmail uses have been added to

Added all exceptions to Gmail and Blogger sites, but still not working.

Even if I turn off all Tracking prevention, pasting still does not work.

There are huge number of JavaScript errors in this page, as well in Chrome. 

Adding the domains (in error/that are red) to exception tracking of MS Edge did not work.

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