Thursday, June 20, 2019

How to install Microsoft Edge Canary "Chrome" released on Windows 7

Microsoft Edge preview build is now available on Windows 7

Get it here -

Installer connects to internet to download entire browser. 

Option given to import your bookmarks from another

Choose Customize Import, to select your browser in this case Chrome

Does it remembering Passwords?

I checked that this would sign into Outlook and Gmail for my email. It pulled up the email address quickly. However, initially the passwords did not populate! So I was disappointed, however this time I just did some other work, came back to it and it appeared! 

Yes, after about 1 minute, the password was recalled, and I logged in correctly to Gmail and

So yah, it works! Saving a huge amount of time.

Checking About for version info 

Looking up this error;

There must be some organization silo sync errors still.

Why do want to use this? PRIVACY

In a nutshell, much better privacy that Google Chrome. There still logs being sent back to Google plex, but not as much as Google Chrome.

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