Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Using HTACG HTML Tidy official release binaries for TidyHTML5Mananged

I recently incorporated TidyHTML5Managed into an app. Briefly, TidyHTML5Managed is a managed .Net wrapper for the open source, cross-platform Tidy HTML5 library.

Aside, here's the reference for HTML5 Tidy Configuration Options

It allows you to incorporate the latest builds from the official HTACG HTML Tidy releases in your project. 

However a problem occurred when trying to use the latest tidy-5.6.0-vc10-32b.zip in my .NET 40 app in Visual Studio 2010. It gave me a other memory corruption error. I had to settle for tidy-5.4.0-win32.zip.

HTML Tidy version 5.6.0 (release notes) (official release) (source .zip) (source .tar.gz)
Name Last Modified Size Description
tidy-5.6.0-vc14-64b.zip 2017/11/25 10:00:00 1.12MB Win64 ZIP (MSVC14).
tidy-5.6.0-vc14-32b.zip 2017/11/28 14:30:00 1.02MB Win32 ZIP (MSVC14). FAILED
tidy-5.6.0-macos.dmg 2017/11/25 10:00:00 1.13MB macOS Disk Image.
tidy-5.6.0-vc10-64b.zip 2017/11/28 14:44:00 1.02MB Win64 ZIP (MSVC10).
tidy-5.6.0-vc10-32b.zip 2017/11/28 14:48:00 1.02MB Win32 ZIP (MSVC10). FAILED
HTML Tidy version 5.4.0 (release notes) (official release) (source .zip) (source .tar.gz)
Name Last Modified Size Description
tidy-5.4.0-64bit.deb 2017/03/01 10:00:00 708K linux 64-bit DEB.
tidy-5.4.0-64bit.rpm 2017/03/01 10:00:00 710K linux 64-bit RPM.
tidy-5.4.0-macosx.dmg 2017/03/01 10:00:00 997K macOS Disk Image.
tidy-5.4.0-win32.zip 2017/03/01 10:00:00 721K Win32 ZIP package.  WORKING
tidy-5.4.0-win64.zip 2017/03/01 10:00:00 979K Win64 ZIP package.
tidy-5.4.0-w32-mt-XP.zip 2017/06/03 16:37:00 901K Win32 XP ZIP package.

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