Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Microsoft Edge Chromium browser still talks to Google

According to the public deck "What Microsoft Edge has contributed/altered in Chromium" ( https://t.co/YVMLFXoluj ), there is still a reporting component that talks to Google mother ship? 

A challenge : Does any know what is contained information still goes to Google ? 

To enable logging, launch Chrome with these command line flags:

--enable-logging=stderr --v=1  # Linux (newer instructions for Linux: here)
--enable-logging --v=1  # Windows

To enable capture Network Log, goto address chrome://net-export/

Click the button to start logging future network activity to a file on disk

Choosing Include raw bytes (will include cookies and credentials). In Chromium, this includes encrypted bytes and personal information.

To view the log contents, goto here https://chromium.googlesource.com/catapult/+/master/netlog_viewer/

and you can upload your capture log to https://netlog-viewer.appspot.com/ to interrogate. 

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