Wednesday, October 24, 2018

How to Out of Chrome Browser Automatic Logins

“A few weeks ago, Google shipped an update to Chrome that fundamentally changes the sign-in experience,” Green wrote in a blog post. “From now on, every time you log into a Google property (for example, Gmail), Chrome will automatically sign the browser into your Google account for you. It’ll do this without asking, or even explicitly notifying you. (However, and this is important: Google developers claim this will not actually start synchronizing your data to Google — yet.)” 

The bad news is you have to opt out of automatic logins rather than opt into it.

How to Disable Automatic Login in Chrome 70+

To disable the controversial Chrome feature, first you have to update to Chrome 70. This will happen in the background automatically in the coming days, but you can also force the update simply by going to the “About Chrome” page in the menu bar. Once you update, opt out of automatic logins by opening Chrome’s settings page and scrolling to (or searching for) “Allow Chrome sign-in.” Once you find it, slide the toggle to off and you’re all set.

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