Sunday, July 1, 2018

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Metro Tile Creator 2018

In honor of winning an MVP award for 2018 and 5th year in a row, here's a freebie to fellow MVPers!!!  

I created a Powershell script to create a MVP Metro Tile to link to your choice of the following; 

  1. Microsot MVP Award site (
  2. Yammer (
  3. Enter your own blog URL where your MVP Award is displaying
Once you fill out form below, and you're enrollment confirmed, I send you the download.

Win10 MVP Tile Powershell Download


Read the contents of .ps1 file.

MVP Download Script Request Form for Microsoft MVPs only

Please send your MVP ID so you can be validated. Only MVPs are allowed this script.

Email *
Message *

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