Sunday, June 24, 2018

Windows Explorer Bug - Properties shows Incorrect/Wrong File And Folder Counts for Paths Too Long

Yours truly, has found another Windows Explorer bug this time surfaced whilst building my tool the Path Too Long Auto Fixer app. This is still is an issue for the latest build of Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 1803 (10.0.17134.112).

It's well know Windows Explorer, cannot copy paths that are too long, but also it cannot report folder Properties properly for paths that are too long. This was the main motivation behind building the the Path Too Long Auto Fixer tool, to automate the correction of paths that are too long to fit under 260 characters.

The Windows Explorer bug is demonstrated in the image below, there are text files each with a size of 1kb each in the overlimit (folder). The Properties pop-up however indicates a total size 0 bytes and size on disk 0 bytes, which is incorrect.

Furthermore, the counts are incorrect showing that folder overlimit Contains 0 files, 257 folders which is clearly wrong. 
It seems for paths that are too long Windows Explorer is reporting all files as folders.

Windows 10, Size is incorrect, and Contains Files/Folder counts are wrong for paths too long.

The command line dir command gets file counts correctly. 

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  1. Hate windows ! Would never use it if software makers do their soft for Linuxes and MacOs !