Monday, June 25, 2018

How to remove permissions from a folder in Windows 10

Firstly, you (current logged-in username) have to take “full control” folder in question.

1.Right-click on folder and choose Security tab.

2. Click Advanced and click Change (if your user is not owner)

3. Click Advanced to get next pop-up windows in 4.

4. Click Find Now button to list all current users and groups. Select your username and click Ok button.

5. Choose “Replace owner on subcontainers (folders) and objects (files)” if appropriate. This will make you the owner of all sub-folders and files recursively.

Note: This may take some time to process all the permission changes for a folder with allot of files in it and/or sub-directories. Be patient.

Now that you are owner you can remove permissions.

6. Select Group or user names you want to edit/remove permissions for the choose Edit button.

7. Choose to allow/deny individual permission types in the “Permission for Users” areas. Or completely remove entire group/user choose Remove button.

Click Apply button to process.

8. Fini

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