Thursday, March 30, 2017

IT Professionals 2017 survey rate co-workers relationships over money

In a recent Spiceworks poll, nearly 1,300 IT professionals helped us rank variables commonly linked to job satisfaction. Spiceworks is the "Linked-in" of System Administrators. 
The results show factors such as work hours, vacation time, and the ability to work remotely figure into the equation, but the most important factor driving happiness in the office is quality of relationships with coworkers. In fact, our poll revealed that 61% of respondents said how well they get along with their users, peers, and managers is a top driver of job satisfaction.
So we know relationships reign supreme, but that doesn’t mean money doesn’t matter. According to our data, monetary compensation and stress experienced on the job tied for the second place. So you might say that money alone can’t buy happiness, but it sure can help.  

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