Monday, March 27, 2017

Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results 2017 - most jobs come through networking

Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results 2017 

More than 64,000 developers from 213 countries participated in this year's annual survey by Stack Overflow -- the largest number ever -- giving a glimpse into the collective psyche of programmers around the world. An anonymous reader quotes their announcement:

Job Discovery

How Did Developers Find Their Current Job?

A friend, family member, or former colleague told me
  • 26.8%
I was contacted directly by someone at the company (e.g. internal recruiter)
  • 17.9%
A general-purpose job board
  • 13.9%
An external recruiter or headhunter
  • 13.4%
I visited the company’s Web site and found a job listing there
  • 8.5%
Some other way
  • 7.7%
A career fair or on-campus recruiting event
  • 7.7%
A tech-specific job board
  • 4.0%
23,737 responses
Networking matters. The most common way developers found their most recent job was through a friend, family member, or former colleague who told them about it. The second most common, however, is by being contacted by someone at the company, such as a company recruiter.

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