Tuesday, March 5, 2013

IE Development Tool

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Request Timings

Timing details can seem a bit complex at first, but they’re fairly straightforward once you learn a few concepts.
Let’s start with a simple image request from the IETestDrive home page (after clearing the cache – see later), showing Timing details for GraySwooshWatermark.png:
Timings tab
Zooming in to the left-hand side:
Timings detail
The request/response cycle has seven timing components:
  • Wait – Time since start of page navigation to when the request started.
  • Start – From when the request was created to when it started to be sent.
  • Request – When the request was started to be sent to the first response.  Also known as time to first byte.
  • Response – Time from first byte to completion of receiving the response.
  • Gap – Time between response completion to page load event.
  • DOMContentLoaded – Time of DOMContentLoaded event.
  • Load (event) – Time of page Load event.

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