Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Create Shutdown, Restart, Log-off, Hibernate, Switch User Start Tiles for Windows 8 / Server 2012 featuring Metro Icons

Create Shutdown, Restart, Log-off, Hibernate, Switch User, Start Tiles for Windows 8 / Server 2012 using updated Metro Icons

I created one script that creates tiles for popular user/power links with new Metro icons.

Metro Style Icons created, improved look

PowerShell script installs a Switch User, Log-off, RestartHibernate and Shutdown tile with new Metro icons on the new "start" screen for Windows 8+/Server 2012+.

Download and install, see license/instructions below.

Tired of the old icons that have not been change since Windows 95, upgrade to modern Metro styled icons.


The script is free to use and sourced from Microsoft Gallery. The icons are free to use for personal use, but not commercially. Commercial/Small businesses requires a license to buy the rights to use the icons, which I created. Don't get shocked, we are talking pennies here. License and Disclaimers listed in scripts.

             Contact for a commercial license.


Download script

1. Unzip and copy contents to c:\Windows\System32 directory. 

Click to see large image.

2. Right-click on doWin8Tiles-RunMe1st.ps1 and Run with Poweshell. This loads the Poweshell Editor (ISE) with administrator privileges.

3. In Poweshell Editor (ISE), press green arrow to run script.
ShutdownRestartLogoffSwithUserWindows8MDCTiles.ps1 Powershell script
4. If you see, the above the you have successfully run the script. If you see red, you may have re-run the Powershell IDE with administrator priveledges. Use Windows Search for it and run with adminstratative privelegdes, see article here.

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