Monday, March 20, 2017

Google Analytics white screen of Death caused by Kaspersky Total Security (d)

If you are getting Google Analytics GA ( White Screen of Death or blank screen, this post will help you.

A detailed investigate of the cause of white screen of death or blank screen on Google Analytics home page lead to using Google Chrome's development toolswhich allows you to peer behind the loading a page to examine what's the problem. Typically, pages will have errors when resources loaded for the page are missing or blocked, and this can can a cascading errors in the rest dependent dynamic executing scripts, usually code in JavaScript (with extension .js, or .js files).   

On the Google Analytics home page, a major file had been blocked from loading.

In Google Chrome Console revealed that analytics.js was being blocked (see in screen shot below) from loading. This then blocked the entire page from working correctly.

One cause for white screen of death is a recent update to Kaspersky anti-virus product, specifically Kaspersky's Total Security (d). 

I was suspicious that Kaspersky was the cause, because it was a major (100Mb+) update to the product. 

So I troubleshooted Kaspersky by performing the following steps which all failed; 

1) I turned off Web-Anti Virus and had no effect 
2) AND I have turned off Web Anti-Banner and had no effect 
3) AND I have turned off IM Anti-Virus and had no effect 

Note, that this never happened with Kaspersky before and came as a complete surprise, but I just updated Kaspersky Total Security and like all new releases, bugs get introduced.

Console - error and blocking analytics.js 

Failing by initial attempts I raised a ticket with Kaspersky Support recommended the following temporary solution when accessing GA, and it worked.


Kaspersky > Settings > Additional > Network > Do not scan encrypted connections

Other recommendations from Kaspersky Support for this issue are;

Four things to try, one at a time: 
  1. Kaspersky Settings > Protection > disable Private Browsing > clear browser cache > reboot. Any better after that? 
  2.  Kaspersky > Settings > Additional > Network > Do not scan encrypted connections. Any better after that?
  3. Kaspersky Settings > Additional > Network > Traffic Processing > uncheck Inject Script > reboot. Any better after that? 
  4. Disable Anti Phishing. Kaspersky Settings > Protection > Web AV > bottom of Web AV settings. Any better after that?


  1. THANK YOU!!! This resolved the issue. I lost all my bookmarks out of desperation by uninstalling and reinstalling both Chrome and Chrome Beta. Wish I'd seen this first. Did Kaspersky say if they were fixing the issue? I'd rather not leave that door open.