Thursday, May 25, 2023

The Top Regular Expression Testing App for 2023

The Top Regular Expression Testing App for 2023

Top Pick - Netspresso Lite because it is the only regular expression (regex) testing application that application that highlights replacements, not just matches.  

Netspresso Lite App


  • Save regular expression project
  • Generates a node for each match
  • Each node expands to subgroups 
  • Locates each matches and subgroups in input test data
  • Generated a node for each replacement
  • Locates each replacement and subgroups in live generated replaced input test data and sub-groups, www 1st 
  • .NET code generation for match groups, Regex.Replace and Regex.Split.
  • .NET Language Regex Supported 

Matches are highlighted in node tree - explained

Netspresso Lite highlights named regular expressions 


see screen capture in the Regular Expression field.

In screen capture below Match Nodes are accessed in light green area, Replacement Nodes are accessed in the cyan (light blue) area

Clicking each match highlights and locates the match in the Test Input Data!

Netspresso Lites creates an expandable node tree for matches (named or number) and replacements.

That means each match appears as a node number, 1. "12/25/02" above there are 4 matches found.

Within each match you expand it to get the details of each match. 

Each match is broken down into subgroups of the match. Subgroup are delineated by parenthesis () in the regular expression,  (?<Month>\d{1.2}). 

Each subgroup match group is a number followed by value 
or name group, 1 Month: "12" - Month named group matched yields value 12. 

Likewise, replacements are highlighted - explained

Click on a node and it will locate and highlight it in the replacement test data! 

In image above, the replacement 3 1.$3 'Year': "02", means the 3rd item is matched only once, and with subgroup $3, named 'Year' with replacement value "02 ". In screen capture above, the group is located in the rendered replacement input test data. 

Where can I get it?

Netspresso Lite is one of 20 power tools available in Clipboard Plaintext PowerTool
The only tool to expand and explains regex matches and substitutions, another world wide 1st.

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