Saturday, January 14, 2023

The Best Clipboard Manager for Windows in 2023

Check my choice for the best top clipboard tool for 2023. 140+ plus functions and 20+ Power Tools including downloading and running the latest versions of AutoRuns and Process Explorer in 1-click. 

Clipboard PlainText Power tool aim is to-do action in least number of clicks. Like accessing clipboard history from the main menu! No other tool does that! 

Check it - currently most advanced and modern clipboard tool on the market. 


v5.1 features; a 1st of its kind, on-the-fly media file Metadata Extraction 

When you copy an Office or media, file it pulls metadata and puts it on the clipboard available for you automatically. 

Copied 1

DOCX "337777BR - Senior IT Developer (ETL) (1).docx" 2pgs 28.1KB  Author:"Chow, Ivey"  Mon 11-Jul-22 7:17PM "H:\Downloads2022\337728BR - Senior IT Developer (ETL) (1).docx" - EXIF metadata detected 

1 items in 715ms 607µs 300ns with enhanced metadata extracted, if available. Enhanced metadata extraction set at <= 20 items. For full metadata extraction of files, use PowerTool->Launch latest Exiftool...


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