Saturday, December 4, 2021

Copy and paste multiple formats in Edge, beat them to the punch, on-the-fly metadata extraction

Microsoft wants to improve copy and paste in Edge and Chrome for Windows 11. This recycled idea particular useful for Office product suite. One need to cut and paste Excel spread sheets and images into Word documents and vice-versa without loosing fidelity of the original object being copied. But there are some major security concerns, that would have to be addressed. Because some object formats can carry viruses. 

You can beat Microsoft to the punch by getting the only Clipboard PlainText Powertool that can extract the metadata from Office documents on-the-fly. 

 Preview of metadata info put on clipboard for a .DOCX and .MP3 file when copying or moving using Clipboard Powertool.

DOCX "Standard Release Form.docx"  2pgs 42.6KB Title:"Microsoft Word - Standard Release Form.doc" Author:"aaggarwa" Company:"John Wiley and Sons, Inc." Mon 04-Jan-21  11:30AM "H:\Downloads2021\Standard Release Form.docx"
MP3 "01 Genesis.mp3"  5,512KB 44kHz 00:03:55 Title:"Genesis" Album:"Justice" Artist:"Justice" Year:2007 Sat 08-Mar-14  9:43PM "C:\Users\Markus\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\Justice\Justice\01 Genesis.mp3" - 

Get Clipboard Plaintext Powertool here.

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