Wednesday, December 23, 2020

DOS Command Line - Timethis.exe is a Microsoft utility that times how long a command runs

Timethis.exe - Windows 2000 Resource Kit Utility

Utility  Description
Timethis.exe - Time This  

Time This times how long it takes the system to run a given command. You provide as a parameter the name of the command you want to run and time. Time This runs the specified command, then reports the start and finish time for the command, and how long it took to run, in HH:MM:SS.TTT format.

Windows 2000 Resource Kit Utility is no longer available for download, but you can get it at wayback machine (internet archive)

The installer did not work for me, but you can get the timethis.exe by unzip the file successively.


copy to C:\windows


c:\> timethis dir


C:>timethis dir
TimeThis :  Command Line :  dir
TimeThis :    Start Time :  Wed Dec 23 12:29:38 2020
TimeThis :      End Time :  Wed Dec 23 12:29:39 2020
TimeThis :  Elapsed Time :  00:00:00.077

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