Thursday, July 23, 2020

C# .NET How to convert IPv4 mapped to IPv6 CIDR address

Converting IPv4 addresses that have been mapped into the IPv6 address as follows; 


Here's how to convert the IPv4 mapped to IPv6 address CIDR value 

Example:  maps to  ::FFFF:

C# Code to convert CIDR from IPv4 to mapped IPv6 address

        public static byte ConvertIPv4toIPv6CIDR(this byte CIDRIPv4)
            //IPv4 CIDR -
            //IPv6 range for IPv4 conversion, startfrom bottom

            if (CIDRIPv4 < 1 || CIDRIPv4 > 32) return 0; // /1-32 range accepted for ipv4

            int CIDRipv6 = 128 - (32 - CIDRIPv4); //lower is 96
            return (byte)CIDRipv6;

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