Friday, January 24, 2020

How to delete a path too long on network share

Thanks to an Windows File Manager (WinFile.exe) which was released as an open-source project by Microsoft about 2 years ago, you can achieve this easily. 

For the unitiated, Windows File Manager (WinFile.exe) was last seen in WinXP.  Windows File Manager (WinFile) was superseded by Windows Explorer in Windows ME, 7 and 10. 

WinFile is free and builds available for Windows 7,10 here -

With WinFile you can easily delete paths that are too long on network share.

You just have to map the network share to a drive letter, then proceed to delete files. This will only work on Microsoft server shares. Linux/Mac/other share's are not supported for path too long.

It works because paths tool long are represented using 8.3 dos short name in WinFile.

For example, word document named

"A Transport and there is a great amount of Handling Unit Type of test_Thingy.docx"

as 8.3 DOS short name might be


Sometimes you have to go "Back to the Future".
To find many paths that are too long and automate a fix, use Path Too Long Auto Fixer (PTLAF) - a free demo is available. PTLAF supports Network Shares and Linux paths up to 4096 characters long.It can delete paths on UNIX, Mac and other shares!

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