Thursday, January 3, 2019

Microsoft Sets A New Employee Interview Standard Process

Hey companies wake up and smell the coffee, Microsoft has.

Microsoft has however been making an effort to improve their hiring process to make it more useful and inclusive, leading to what Microsoft has called the ‘Alternative Interview Framework’ which has the following 8 elements:

  1. Share the interview in advance
    Candidates are given the problem to be solved in advance so they can do research a few days before the interview.  This mirrors the real world, where problems are rarely a surprise.
  2. Use a real problem
    Candidates are tested on solving real-world problems such as improving customer satisfaction, increasing retention or boosting usage of a service or feature. This helps foster a collaborative conversation.
  3. Give access to data
    Candidates are given access to the same information Microsoft is working from, and during the interview, they are free to search the internet or ask for more data. This includes supplying a candidate with our customer research, usage data, designs and mock-ups.
  4. ....

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