Friday, December 14, 2018

How to Translate any Foreign Language Document to English Successfully using AI

  1. Get image for each page of the document in foreign language

    Scan each page in a flat-bed scanner and save as PNG image.

    If you have a PDF or Document, or online web document you can use
    Snipping Tool to capture a screen area and save it as a image.

    Click New and draw around area you wish to capture.
    Choose File -> Save As to save PNG image.

    PRO TIP: If you can open your email attached document from Outlook in Word Online or PowerPoint Online to edit, then you choose to Translate entire document or portions to any target language.

  2. Use the advanced Microsoft Azure Computer Vision API which is available to developers to using optical character recognition (OCR) and extract the recognized words.

    Use the 
    Browse button to upload image under heading "Read text in images"

    Once image changes to your upload, pressing Submit button and wait.
    The resultant text will appear to the right in the Preview tab area.
    The extracted text will be in the original language of the text. 
    The language will be auto-detect for you, no options to change.
  3. Past source language paragraphs into Bing Translate, limit 5000 words each time.

  4. Past translated paragraphs into a English document

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