Thursday, November 1, 2018

There is not such thing as security

There is not such thing as security, this applies to all platforms and operating systems.

Jon McCoy - Hacking .Net Applications: The Black Arts
This presentation will cover the Black Arts of making Cracks, KeyGens, Malware, and more. The information in this presentation will allow a .NET programmer to do unspeakable things .NET applications. I will cover the life cycle of developing such attacks and over coming common countermeasures to stop such attacks. New tools to assist in the attacks will be supplied. This presentation will focus on C# but applies to any application based on the .NET framework.

Jon McCoy is a .NET Software Engineer that focused on security and forensics. He has worked on a number of Open Source projects ranging from hacking tools to software for paralyzed people. With a deep knowledge of programming under the .NET Framework he has released new attacks on live applications and the .NET Framework it self. He provides consulting to protect .NET applications.

Jon McCoy: Hacking .NET(C#) Application: Code of the Hacker from NDC Conferences on Vimeo.

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