Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Software developers lured by Cyber Economy

Software developers who struggle to sell legitimate software are easily lured to the dark side, the burgeoning cyber economy. For example, simple Wordpress exploits cost $100. 

Cost of hacking tools and services on some underground cybercrime forums (Source: Armor)

The cyber economy continues to provide would-be criminals with easy access to an array of purpose-built and on-demand tools and services, including hosted infrastructure, which enables them to somewhat anonymously pay for tools and services, and in the case of ransomware, extortion and other shakedown rackets, receive payments from victims that may be tough for authorities to trace.

Cybercrime forums offer for sale hacked bank accounts, customizable bank Trojans, remote desktop protocol access credentials to businesses, exploit kits, money mule services and payment card data and "fullz" full credential access to an OS. 

Cybercrime continues to be cheap and easy, especially when compared to its real-world analogs.

Source: https://www.govinfosecurity.com/blogs/cybercrime-remains-impossible-to-eradicate-p-2662

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  1. So hey peps, take a chance and try/buy real software, from independent software professionals, like me. Support the light side, midichlorians will love you.