Saturday, November 11, 2017

How to run a Perl script file in Komodo Edit 11

Install ActiveState Perl and Komodo Edit 11.

Komodo Edit is the free light version of Komodo IDE and does not have a built-in Perl Debugger.

Here's how to a run a Perl script in Komodo Edit.

Copy macro below save as runscript.kpt

// komodo tool: Run Perl Script
// =========================
// doNotOpenOutputWindow: 0
// insertOutput: 0
// operateOnSelection: 0
// parseOutput: 0
// runIn: command-output-window
// showParsedOutputList: 0
// type: command
// version: 1.1.5
// =========================
%(perl) "%F"

to this directory


Open Komodo Edit Toolbox and you see the command "Run Perl Script". 
Choose your Perl file and click to run.

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  1. Thanks a lot, but just one correction - the extension should be
    .ktf rather than .kpt (i.e. file should be named runscript.ktf).
    Otherwise - perfect, I really appreciate it!