Thursday, August 31, 2017

Edit in Notepad As Administrator Shortcut to the File Context Menu in Windows 10

Would you like to resolve the following errors;
  • "Would you like to save in the My Documents instead"
  • "You don't have permission to save in this location"
  • "Access Denied" when saving a file ? 
  • or simply need a "Send to > Notepad (Administrator)" shortcut

"Open in Notepad as Admin" File Context-Menu shortcut Updated for Window 10 and Creators Update

This script installs "Open in Notepad as Admin" context menu item when you right-click on an editable file. This then opens Notepad in an elevated Administrator privileged to edit. (see image to right)

This utility has the following features; 

Does not install any software, just sets some registry settings to enable the menu shortcut.  Additionally,  it provides a proper uninstall option.

  • Works in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 10+ (and  equivalent Server versions).
  • comes with proper uninstaller located in "Add or Remove Programs" or Programs and Features


Prerequisite:  Your user account must be part Administrators group or you know Administrator password to install. 

1. Tip! Back-up your registry as a precaution.

2. Download and unzip file
3. Simply, right-click onOpeninNotepadAsAdmin2017.inf and click Installthat's it.

How to Use

To test this now right-click on a any file and you see the new context menu "Open in Notepad as Admin" option!

You'll get an escalation in privileges User Account Control (UAC) promp to allow editing of this file as Administrator. Yes, to edit.

Why are you getting this UAC if your account is in Administrator group? 

As an administrator, you have the credentials to perform administrator functions. On Windows 7+, an administrator account does not necessarily run a program with administrator privileges, programs are still run in a secured mode. It's meant to prevent unintentional changes on the system.


The great thing about this script file, is it creates a uninstall option.

Search for "Add or Remove Programs" or goto Programs and Features, and right-click on the "Open in Notepad as Admin (Uninstall only)" and choose Unistall to completely remove.

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