Sunday, April 2, 2017

Check if your username or email has been hacked

A new website can check if your email address has been hacked (or in computer hacking jargon "pwned" or pawned) 

Here's the URL -  - A great service!

This site will check your email against a extensive list of data breaches including well the well publicized Linked-In, Yahoo, Sony hacks.

It contains a whopping 2,603,061,788 breached accounts!  Don't despair if you are in here.

The site is run by a fellow MVPer Troy Hunt, Microsoft Regional Director and Most Valuable Professional awardee for Developer Security.
According to the site’s FAQ
Is anything logged when people search for an account?
Nothing is explicitly logged by the website. The only logging of any kind is via Google Analytics and NewRelic performance monitoring and any diagnostic data implicitly collected if an exception occurs in the system.

Just change all you passwords now to recommended min length of 27. Memory device, year 2017 -> 27 for strong password length, 2018 -> 28, etc... Here's a good password generator - Don't remember your passwords, use Kaspersky Password Manager which sync across all your devices.

Check your local district to join class action lawsuits against these companies. 

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