Monday, April 25, 2016

Running Bash on Ubuntu on Windows!

Running Bash on Ubuntu on Windows! original at and presented at recent Build 2016 March 30 - April 1.
In this video we’ll outline why and how we’re enabling Windows 10 to run native Linux apps and tools directly on Windows! This is not a virtual machine with it own virtual ip address, this is running natively. 

To accomplish this, Microsoft built new infrastructure within Windows – the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) – upon which we run a genuine Ubuntu user-mode image. 

The result is that you can now run native Bash on Ubuntu on Windows!

You can now run Bash scripts, Linux command-line tools like;  

git, sed, awk, grep, etc...

and you can even try Linux-first tools like  

Ruby, Git, Python
, etc....

etc. directly on Windows.

You can also access your Windows filesystem from within Bash allowing you to work on the same set of files using your preferred Windows tools or Linux command-line tools.

Warning: Beta so far

While you’ll be able to run native Bash and many Linux command-line tools on Windows, it’s important to note that this is a developer toolset to help you write and build all your code for all your scenarios and platforms. This is not a server platform upon which you will host websites, run server infrastructure, etc. For running production workloads on Ubuntu, we have some great solutions using Azure, Hyper-V, and Docker, and we have great tooling for developing containerized apps within Windows using Docker Tools for Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code and yo docker.

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