Sunday, July 12, 2015

Windows 10 Snipping Tool and its 1st cousin Edge Browser Webnotes

One of the top 10 most useful tools in the windows arsenal is Snipping Tool

Now in Windows 10 gets an upgrade by now being directly integrate the snipping concept into tools themselves. 
So far the new Windows 10 browser called Project Spartan now Edge has this snippet feature built in and is called Webnotes.

Webnotes is differentiated from Snipping Tool by one additional feature, it can save to One Drive. And since it's built into the browser it can also save images to Favourites, so you can easily retrieve them later. There also the reading list, a sort of hand-me down version of OneNote

I have made the suggestion to Windows Feeback as part of Windows 10 Insider Program, to add the ability of Snipping Tool to save to OneDrive as well. Frankly, it really should be a standard for any program that can save a file, to be able to save to Onedrive directly.

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