Sunday, April 27, 2014

Open Notepad as Administrator in Windows 7+ w/ Installer, Uninstaller

"Open in Notepad as Admin" in Windows Explorer Context-Menu

Update 11-20-2017 - New installer see my new post. Each major update you have to re-install this, so for Creator Update and Fall Creators Update,etc.

Do you get the following;
  • "Would you like to save in the My Documents instead?"
  • "Access Denied" when saving a file ? 
  • or simply need a quicker menu option to Send to Notepad but as Administrator

This utility installs "Open in Notepad as Admin" context menu item in Windows File Explorer for files (right-click on file) that can normally be opened with Notepad (but run as Administrator).

Opening files in Notepad 
with Administrator privileges allows you to open/save files in privileged areas such as C:\Windows\System32 and
C:\Users\ {UserName} \AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files.   

Notepad can edit traditional 8-bit text files as well as Unicode text files (both UTF-8 and UTF-16, and in case of UTF-16, both little-endian and big-endian). 

This utility has the following features; 

Does not install any software, just a registry setting which comes with an uninstall option.

  • Works in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (and Server Versions).
  • adds Notepad Icon to context-menu !!!
  • comes with proper uninstaller located in "Add or Remove Programs" or Programs and Features


Download and unzip file

Simply, right-click onOpeninNotepadAsAdmin.inf and click Install, that's it. Done.

To test this now right-click on a text file and you see the new context menu "Open in Notepad as Admin" option!


The great thing about this inf file, is it creates a uninstall option.
Goto Programs and Features, and right click on the "Open in Notepad as Admin..." to uninstall.

To remove this blog page (only) IE tab on start-up follow I couldn't remove this key in the registry using inf, since it would delete all pages.

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  1. Any idea how to modify this to work in windows 10?

    1. I just test on Win10 confirmed working fine. See new image above of right-click on a desktop document to reveal "Open in Notepad as Admin".