Sunday, November 3, 2013

Shutdown, Restart, Log-off, Hibernate, Lock Workstation, Switch User Start Tiles for Windows 10 /8.1 / Server 2012 R2 featuring new Metro Icons

I created one script that creates Win 8/8.1/10 "Metro" tiles for popular "power" links with new icons to appear on the start menu.

Update: New procedure for Windows 10/ 8.1 users see below.

Metro Style Icons with Lock Workstation, improved Switch User and Logoff Icons
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This PowerShell script installs a Lock Workstation, Switch UserLogoff, 
Restart, Hibernate and Shutdown tile with new Metro styled icons on the Start screen for Windows 8, 8.1, Server 2012, Server 2012 R2.

Purchase $2.25 USD, Download and Install 


The script is free to use and sourced from Microsoft GalleryThe icons (art work is what you are paying for ) is .99$ to use for a personal license for a single computer install, but not commercially. Commercial/Small businesses requires a separate license to buy the rights to use the icons, which I created. Don't get shocked, we are talking pennies here. License and Disclaimers listed in scripts.

             Contact metadataconsult [(at)] for a commercial license.


Purchase $2.25 USD, Download and Install 

contains (doWin8Tiles-RunMe1st.ps1, 
ShutdownRestartLogoffSwithUserWindows8MDCTiles.ps1,Win8Tile-LogoffWorkstationCutKey256.ico, Win8Tile-Hibernate256.ico, Win8Tile-LockStation256.ico, Win8Tile-LogoffWorkstation256.ico, Win8Tile-Restart256.ico,Win8Tile-ShutDown256.ico, Win8Tile-SwitchUserChannel.ico,IconsCopyright-OriginalArt.txt)

1. Unzip and copy contents to c:\Windows\System32 directory.

2. Right-click on doWin8Tiles-RunMe1st.ps1 and Run with Poweshell. This loads the Poweshell Editor (ISE) with administrator privileges.

3. In Poweshell Editor (ISE), press green arrow to run the script.
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1st time Powershell users will get a "...running scripts is disable..." error. In Powershell type this command: Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted Just re-run the script using green arrow and it will work.

4. Completed.
If you see, the above light green messages in the console area of the PowerShell ISE, the you have successfully run the script. 

If you see red, then that process step failed and you may have re-run the Powershell IDE with administrator privileges.  Use Windows Search for PowerShell, right-click and run with Adminstratative privileges, see article 

Update for WINDOWS 10/8.1 Users

If the above script does not work, contained in the zip file is are 2 additional customized for Windows 8.1, which has additional execute permissions turn off for scripts, unlike windows server 2012 R2. 
  1. From the start menu, right-click 
  2. Select "Command Prompt (Admin)"
  3. In the Command Prompt type-> powershell win81only-runme1st.ps1

  4. Now you see the following results windows appear and close automatically. You see a bit of red text, that's okay since in this context its a warning.

  5. Success, you should now see the following tiles on the start screen if you click the down arrow to reach Apps.
    Windows 8 Start Menu Apps

Windows 10 Menu

Update for Server 2012 R2 

Run doWin8Tiles-RunMe1st.ps1, you'll see the above, new tiles in the Start Menu by Apps. Just right-click each tile like Shutdown and pin to Start Menu, and you get the below image in Sever 2012 R2.

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  1. Everything works except switch user and logoff for windows 8.1 tiles. Any fix?

    1. Joe I have tried this on my Oracle VM using Microsoft IE11 Windows 8.1 test machine, and it working fine for me. Try it here

  2. Is there anyway of uninstalling this?

    1. Yes, Just right click on the icon and unpin from Start. Goto install directory :\Windows\System32 and just remove all the files. That's it. I do not have script for this yet.