Thursday, October 10, 2013

Setting Windows 8/7 date-time to Canada's NRC (NTP) Atomic Clock

Set your Windows 7, 8, 8.1 date and time to Canada's NRC (NTP) Atomic Clock, and get 'n sync. 
How ? 
  1. Right click on your clock in the system bar, and choose "Adjust date/time". 
  2. Choose tab "Internet Time" and click button "Change Settings". 
  3. Type in "" in server field, and click "update now" button. 

The NRC's NTP server to the following host name (do not use the IP address, as this may change):
This second time server is located at a different site on a different network than the first time server. Both servers are controlled in the same way by atomic clocks operated by NRC and provide official time with the same accuracy. The maintainance of seperate servers will offer redundancy and a more reliable time service to Canadians in case of network outage and other difficulties.
More here, thanks to NRC!

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