Friday, September 27, 2013

Facebook Like/Send Button not working, error, broken - Google Hotel Finder - Ironic JavaScript Errors "google is not defined"

Posit: Quality Control Severely Lacking in Web 2.0

As I have been developing with Google, Facebook, Linked-in and other Social Media APIs, I have noticed that there is real lack of attention to detail and quality in code.

Considering, these companies livelihood is online, I see these JavaScript errors constantly on these leading site and on many other website integrated their libraries.

To see these errors, in Chrome press [CTRL][SHIFT][J] keys to show console. 

Here some examples from major leading web companies;  

Ex 1) Facebook Developer Page - Like Send Button Fix JavaScript Error - Blocked a frame with origin "https//" ...

I clicked on Like then Send button to produce this error. The Send button pop- up produces an error in the form of blank white screen. Some solutions suggest changing the opacity in css, but this will not work for me since, the Fb JS API loads an iframe anyways, and you can style content in the iframe from an external css. Anyhow FB JS API defeating the purpose of an Async HTML5 solution.

Checking the Chrome JavaScript console log read 
 Blocked a frame with origin "https//" from accessing a frame ....

Again, ironic that on the FB developer site where you get this code, their own code produces errors ! Great quality control.

For other whose Like/Send button button is broken and not working,  I have a fix, keep on reading below.

Like / Send button combo code issues by Facebook is broken as of Sept 27, 2013, for the record as seen on their own developer site.

The Send button throws up a blank screen, instead of the Facebook email dialog box to send this page. 

Solution here; this is for JavaScript library, not old IFRAME code.

I had to hack the Like / Send button to work!

Ex 2) Google Hotel Finder - JavaScript Error - google is not defined

Error 1: Google Hotel Finder newly minted - Javacript Error is a little ironic

Ex 3) Linked-in Home Page - JavaScript Error - GET 404 (Not Found) 
This is a simple error to correct, it's in the wrong location. Again, this speaks to lack of quality control and attention to detail.

So what the excuse, to this poor quality control?

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