Thursday, July 11, 2013

Boolean Search Operator Reduction - Using Google Search Operators results ambiguous

Logicktronic Search is my solution to Boolean search operator (and/or)  simplification for PHP/Wordpress plug-in.

Ever search with Boolean operators (AND/OR) in Google or website local searches and wonder what really is being searched for ? 

Let's use Google, the search engine company, to perform a search using Boolean operators. 

Take for example the following search Mark OR AND OR Wahlberg  in Google you get the result; (at the bottom of the page)

Google cannot make up its mind or inform you what it's looking for ???
Is it searching "Mark" "AND" "Wahlberg" ?
Is the OR AND OR here excluded as boolean operators. Is AND being searched for?

The results are greatly different from Mark AND Wahlberg or Mark OR Wahlberg

Well clearly this is confusing. Google does this wrong! You heard it. Clearly this is the attention to detail that even Google has not paid attention to ;) Bing does a better job. 

Worse still are similar search on websites that use Wordpress, Jumla, Drupal.  


My Logicktronic Search technology will take any search string and try to make sense out of any number of Boolean operators (and, or) that are used and rationalize them into a single term for PHP/Wordpress plugin.

Moreover, Logicktronic Search implements search for an exact word or phrase by using double quotes to delineate phrases. 

For example, lets take the following search examples; 

  1. Fred "Accounting Financial Services"

    Logicktronic SEARCH ->  Fred OR "Accounting Financial Services"

    EXPLANATION: Added OR to make clear of Boolean operand used
  2. Fred and or and "Accounting Financial Services"

    Logicktronic SEARCH ->  Fred AND "Accounting Financial Services"

    EXPLANATION: Reduced Boolean operators to first one
  3. Fred or and "Accounting and Financial or Services"

    Logicktronic SEARCH ->  Fred OR "Accounting and Financial or Services"

    EXPLANATION: Reduced Boolean operators to first one, and search phrase is preserved.
  4. Fred Wilma and Barney or or and or "The Flintstones"

    Logicktronic SEARCH -> 
    Fred OR Wilma AND Barney OR "The Flintstones"

    EXPLANATION: Will reduced any number of combination of Boolean operators to first one, and search phrase is preserved.

Please contact me for a solution.

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