Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Mismatch Double, Single Quotes Online Code Checker / Formatter

This is a simple online quotes mismatch inspector that works for both single and double quotes. It works by break on quotes and numbering the them for quick visual inspection.
Cut and paste
alert('Say Hello to my li'l friend"); \\single quote - error in Javascript 
alert('Say Hello to my li'l friend
   1.  1 
           ); \\single quote - error in Javascript 
Original Mismatch Inspector
Goto my original post, it combines double and single quotes together.

Quotes Mismatch Inspector
Paste your code here

CHECK NOW for mismatched quotes
  1. If you have even number of quotes then you are good.
  2. If you have odd number of quotes then you have a potential issue.

Check you code online More common languages have lint tools;

https://dotnetfiddle.net/ - .NET

http://www.browxy.com/ - Java

http://jshint.com/ - Javascript

http://htmlhint.com/ - HTML

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