Friday, July 22, 2016

Windows 10 Renaming File and Folders Fiasco - Warning

I was recently working on remotely on computer and had a bad lag. Somehow, I had a stuck multi-select mode and highlighted an number of folders and files. When I went to rename just the file, it looked pretty normal, it renaming the file. Then I pressed refresh icon and it had renamed all the folders as well. I was using Chrome to rename and upload the file and and I could not undo this action.

UI Problem:

  1. Windows 10 does not alert you of  renaming a mix of objects (files and folders). All to easy to do this by mistake. There is no pop-up warning you of mix of files and folders.
  2. No warning renaming different file types. If for example you differnt file types, and rename them. For example, selecting text files (.txt) vs photos (.jpg), there is no warning.
  3. Loss of functionality, in previous versions of Windows 8.1 < , this was enabled using a F2 key, so that you were well aware of what you were doing. This has been lost in Windows 10.

At Issue:

Looks like I am just renaming a file, and not all folders as well. No warning is given that I am renaming a mix of file and folders. 

If you remember or catch this you can undo this by pressing CTRL-Z

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