Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Apple Software Update server could not be found.

If you running Apple Software Update version 2.2 and you are getting 

"The Apple Software Update server could not be found. Check your Internet settings and try again." pop-up error.

The following solution might resolve your error.

  1. Navigate to Internet Options - Start ->Control Panel -> Internet Options or search for "Internet Options". In IE choose Tools->Internet options.  This setting is not available in Edge browser. Original IE Internet options still acts as the global Windows internet settings, and was removed in Edge. 

  2. Open the Advanced tab and scroll to Security section.
    Un-check "Do not save encrypted pages to disk"

    3. Click Apply then Okay, and it should resolve you problem.

Explanation of "Do not save encrypted pages to disk" 

Originally in IE 9, this option was an attempt to prevent files like .exe from being download from a secure and encrypted connect designated by HTTPS://......, for example

In the case of Apple Software Update, it requests a file that needs to run over HTTPS and save IE's temporary folder. This setting will prevent the file from being download and running. 

There is some debate as too the function of this after IE10 and in IE11, but this setting did the job and in IE11. 

Displaying pastedImage.png
Displaying pastedImage.pngDisplaying pastedImage.png

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How to Embed a PowerPoint deck into a Website

  1. Upload your PowerPoint deck to Microsoft OneDrive for initial upload and open from there.
  2. To open in PowerPoint Online, click and select Open, or left-click to Open in PowerPoint Online

  3.  Naturally you'll want to click the Share with people(1), but the Embed option is not in the resultant window. You can share a link to other people to edit or view.

  4. Work around. You have to click Edit Presentation and choose Edit in Browser

  5. Now to get embed code goto File(1) and click Share(2) and on the Share page choose Embed(3).

  6.  The Embed page will appear with the Generate HTML code. Click Generate button.

  7. Choose the Interaction chevron to display "Use default autoadvance settings from file" to auto play the deck, if you like. This can only be set up in your PowerPoint App/Desktop. To create self-running presentation in PowerPoint refer to this Office Help link .
    Once you happy with your options, click grab your html from the Embed Code textbox.

8. Result, please note the icons on the bottom "status bar" of the Excel Spreadsheet.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

How to Embed a PDF with full preview into your Website - OneDrive 2016

Microsoft's OneDrive online is constantly evolving, and this is an update to and older 2014 post. Functionality has changed significantly to warrant a new post.

OneDrive allows you to embed entire documents (pdfs, .docx...) in your webpage without leaving your browser. That's right the you can embed entire Office documents including PDFs to be view fully in your webpage, without downloading the document. OneDrive guys really nailed this functionality down! 

A word of caution using PDFs, they are notoriously known to be full of malware, and you may be spreading a virus and don't even know it. I wrote an post on
locking down PDFs as much as possible. But why download a PDF, when you can let your user full preview you PDF online!

This is where Microsoft OneDrive  and Office shines, allowing you to post into your post to host embedded documents.

Let's start, here's How to Embed a PDF in your Website

1. Uploaded your desired PDF to Microsoft's OneDrive, and Select(1) the document and click more icon ... to reveal the additional choices and then click on Embed(2).

OR even simpler right-click on document tile and choose

2. This will open the Embed fly-out pane to the right. Choose Generate to get HTML embed ode.

3. The embed preview page will now appear in the fly-out pane to the right. It presents a mini-preview how the PDF will appear on your blog. Take note of the active icons in the status line.

Now you can grab the simple embed HTML code from textbox(1), but what's missing is the ability to customize.

Here's where there's an API change from 2016 to 2014, there is no ability for a user to change the width and height of the preview window and the ability to set the Start on Page!

Start on Page
means when you load the PDF, it will start on page number you define! (see below in step 5.)

Setting 1st page to start the PDF on code is not revealed here. Changing width and height is easy enough in code, if you comfortable with HTML.

Tip! For most posts you'll want to set width="100%" to automatically expand to size of your blog page.

But there's a solution, to get detailed embed customization screen click Full Screen icon(2).

4. This will bring you Word Online click(1) ... to reveal and click Embed(2).

5. Advance Embed Options Screen will now be revealed.

Click the chevron(1) to reveal Interaction options. Why this is hidden by default(?) baffles me.

Now you can choose Start on Page !!!!! and the width, height, etc.

6. Grab Embed Code and paste into your webpage.

7. Below is the preview of PDF used in this post - Working LIVE Demo below

Tip! You can right-click the PDF for zoom factors ! Setting a custom zoom level would be nice!

However, I did notice that it's not obvious in the above embed control how to scroll through pages of the embedded PDF. A nice feature would be able to jump to page x.

8. Add the following Tip Caption to your website.

Embedded Document Tip!  Click on the document to active; Scrolling by mouse wheel, Page up/Page down or up/down arrow keys; Zoom - right-click  for options

Here's the code for the tip.