Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Apple Software Update server could not be found.

If you running Apple Software Update version 2.2 and you are getting 

"The Apple Software Update server could not be found. Check your Internet settings and try again." pop-up error.

The following solution might resolve your error.

  1. Navigate to Internet Options - Start ->Control Panel -> Internet Options or search for "Internet Options". In IE choose Tools->Internet options.  This setting is not available in Edge browser. Original IE Internet options still acts as the global Windows internet settings, and was removed in Edge. 

  2. Open the Advanced tab and scroll to Security section.
    Un-check "Do not save encrypted pages to disk"

    3. Click Apply then Okay, and it should resolve you problem.

Explanation of "Do not save encrypted pages to disk" 

Originally in IE 9, this option was an attempt to prevent files like .exe from being download from a secure and encrypted connect designated by HTTPS://......, for example

In the case of Apple Software Update, it requests a file that needs to run over HTTPS and save IE's temporary folder. This setting will prevent the file from being download and running. 

There is some debate as too the function of this after IE10 and in IE11, but this setting did the job and in IE11. 

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  1. This solution worked for me even though Firefox is my default browser.


  2. You are a genius. After living with this error and finding all sorts of strange fixes on the net I tried this and viola, fixed. Thank you!

  3. Thanks! It fixed it for me, too! And Chrome is my default browser.

    1. Me too it's Chrome. On Windows 10 Home. :)

  4. This just worked for me also. Thanks!

  5. This was the solution for me.....none of the other ideas out there were on target.
    Default browser: Chrome
    Windows 7

  6. Each time I get a windows update I need to repeat this process as the setting gets reset. It becomes second natute after a while. Thanks for the info

  7. You absolute star!!! This had been driving me nuts and tried loads of fixes including opening ports etc all to no avail. Thanks mate - VERY much appreciated.

  8. great fix worked in windows 10

  9. THANK YOU!!! 4 days trying to get this to update....

  10. Works like a charm, thanks mate!

  11. thanks! Great!
    Searched over weeks for a solution.

  12. Fantastic. Lots of other ideas out there but this actually works. Thanks

  13. Worked a treat - who would have guessed this setting in IE11 would play havoc with Apple Update... Many thanks! :-)

  14. Thank you it saved me from my troubles.

  15. Perfect, many thanks. Also thanks to Anon on Dec 21st, 2016 for flagging it resets on an update!

  16. Mine was already unchecked. Need another solution.