Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How to Embed a PowerPoint deck into a Website 2016

  1. Upload your PowerPoint deck to Microsoft OneDrive for initial upload and open from there.
  2. To open in PowerPoint Online, click and select Open, or left-click to Open in PowerPoint Online

  3.  Naturally you'll want to click the Share with people(1), but the Embed option is not in the resultant window. You can share a link to other people to edit or view.

  4. Work around. You have to click Edit Presentation and choose Edit in Browser

  5. Now to get embed code goto File(1) and click Share(2) and on the Share page choose Embed(3).

  6.  The Embed page will appear with the Generate HTML code. Click Generate button.

  7. Choose the Interaction chevron to display "Use default autoadvance settings from file" to auto play the deck, if you like. This can only be set up in your PowerPoint App/Desktop. To create self-running presentation in PowerPoint refer to this Office Help link .

    Once you happy with your options, click grab your html from the Embed Code textbox.

8. Result, familiarize yourself with the icons on the bottom "status bar" of the Excel Spreadsheet.

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