Saturday, May 21, 2016

How to Embed an Excel Spreadsheet into a Webpage

  1. Before you upload your Excel file do as much formatting in Excel as possible, online functionality is limited.

    Tip! Presort your table, by column before uploading. Sorting by a column online, was painful.
    Tip! For formatting online make sure your table header text fits into 1 row.

  2. Upload your Excel Spreadsheet to Microsoft OneDrive for initial upload and open from there.

    You can do it from Excel Online interface link provided at bottom left, this just saves you a step and redirects to OneDrive which can mislead you.

    Thereafter, the file will appear in your recent list for easy access.

  3.  To get embed code, you first have to Edit Workbook in

  4. You can do some mild formatting, again editing Excel Online is limited.

    Now to get get embed code you'll want to hit the Share button(1) and click Link to use to embed content and then Show embed instructions(2). Unfortunately, at the time of writing this article this was not working for me. It has been reported on Excel Online Forum.

  5. Now for the workaround. Goto File(1) and click Share(2) and on the Share page choose Embed(3).

  6.  The Embed page will appear. Customize your options.

    Tip! To get the full table to show with totals, I had to select Select a Range(2) and add the create a table reference.

    You can get the reference to your table by copying from Always start with this cell(1) and add the last cell. In image below, this is 'Sheet1'!A1, this will give you sheet name and generally defaults to 1st cell of the sheet. Double check this. Then add the last cell,  'Sheet1'!A1:H9 in this case, and describes a table of width A to H, and height 1 to 9.

    Selecting Table2 in example image below, did not show totals. I selected totals to be show under "Format as Table" office strip but this did not work.

    Once you happy with your options, click grab your Embed Code(3) textbox.

5. Result, please note the icons on the bottom "status bar" of the Excel Spreadsheet.

View live demo of the above example, in my post Ransomware Heat Map Spring 2016.

6. Lastly, Vote for my Excel Online improvement with the folks at Microsoft. It would help!

If you uncheck "Include a download link", then you should disable "View Full-Size Workbook"(1) icon.

Vote to prevent your source Excel Worksheet from being download.

Click link below. This improvement then makes this a true Excel viewer!

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